Dear SUBZ Enthusiast

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Project Dignity and for helping our girls to stay in school.

Herewith below information on Project Dignity Trust, the NPO and SUBz.

I also include some ideas on how you can help us but feel free to be as creative as you want to be to

create awareness or raise funds for Project Dignity NPO to support them to buy and distribute SUBz

washable re-usable sanitary pads and pants packs. See what speaks to you and what can work for

your current circumstances.

Project Dignity and SUBz Pads and Pants – helping girls to stay in school

through washable, re-usable sanitary ware

There are 9 000 000 girls in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 18. This is high school and menstruating

age. Their Education is hindered by 25%, as these girls do not go to school whilst they are menstruating. That is

one week every month. That is a massive set back in their high school career. The reason for this is that they do

not have sanitary wear. If there is money in the family it first goes to food not feminine hygiene.


We responsible citizens, need an action plan to educate the future of our country for our grandchildren’s sake.

We can’t make it anyone else’s problem. It is up to us to make the difference.


 Donate

By pledging R220 (excluding postage/courier fees), this will supply one school girl 3 pairs of panties

AND 9 clip on washable sanitary pads, which will last for 5 years.

This is the average amount of money a household, with 3 menstruating girls, spends in one month on

feminine hygiene. This can give these girls their deserved high school education.

Make a once of donation or sign a monthly debit order.

Get your friends/family/co-workers to sign debit orders or make donations.

Donations can be made in person at the following link on the Project Dignity web site

 Raise funds

Take part in an event and challenge your friends to sponsor you, or organise your own fund raising

event e.g. sell cake and donate the profit to support a girl, have a fund raising event like a high-tea in aid

of Project Dignity.

You can now register your fund raising effort/ event on and challenge

people to sponsor you. People pay directly on the site and the money gets paid directly to

Project Dignity.  Visit to register – add your

information and event and select PROJECT DIGNITY TRUST as the charity. PLEASE FEEL FREE


 Santa Shoebox – give a girl a SUBz pack

We are officially endorsed by Santa Shoebox. So instead of putting a pack of pads in the box, include a

SUBZz pack that will help a girl for 5 years.

 Follow us

Join our Facebook pages:

Project Dignity:

Subz Washable Pads and Panties:

 Spread the word …. share our info on Facebook, invite people to join our

facebook group

Help us to make people aware of the girl’s plight and this very sustainable, eco-friendly solution.  The

more people know, the more funds we might get to help more girls

 Adopt a school

Get your company or school to support an underprivileged school. Each girl can make a donation

towards helping one under privileged girl in a school once a year.

Adopt one grade’s pupils e.g. grade 6 and supply them with SUBz each year. If you supply grade 7girls

with SUBz, you help them for their entire school year.

 Churches

Encourage your church to supply SUBz to the girls they support as opposed to sanitary packs that only

offers a solution for one month.

 Students & Youth

Whether it’s Rag fund raising (Raids, Jailbreaks, Pop-up shops, hitches etc), taking part in challenge

events, campaigning or simply hearing about our work as part of your studies.

 Companies

Challenge your company to get involved through their CSI programs or staff charity programs to raise

money for Project Dignity

 Talks

Arrange for a Project Dignity Trust Ambassador to have a talk at your church, school or charity


 Read more about SUBz

Web site

FUNDING FOR PROJECT DIGNITY TRUST  – Please donate with a happy heart. 🙂

Banking Details for donations:

Project Dignity Trust (NPO registration number: 142-753)

FNB account nr:  62494489646

Branch code:      250655

Branch name:    Westville

Swift code:         firnzajj


• The panty is 100% cotton therefore allowing the skin to breathe.

• The elastic is non-woven, rubber based and therefore will not stretch out of shape.

• The sanitary towel is absorbent and will hold up to 25 – 30mls of discharge.

• The sanitary towel is fully washable therefore reusable.

• The panty and sanitary towel are made of 100% cotton fabrics therefore will last as long as a t-shirt does.

• The pad contains no gels or absorbent chemicals and is totally biodegradable.

• It is a “green peace” product, and being biodegradable will not clog landfills

• The pad clips onto the panty as the girls don’t even have panties. The panties can be worn when the girls are

not menstruating.

• Absorbancy Tested / Patented / Gynae and Pharmacist endorsed.

• Bags for soiled pads provided.

We would very much like to change one aspect of these ladies lives and give them back their dignity. For the

least get an education. We feel that this is to go beyond the school girls, and help any under privileged

menstruating woman of South Africa. This Subz Pants and Pads can also assist the elderly with incontinent


Washable sanitary towels that are reusable and don’t need discarding are a viable solution. Once used it is

placed in the sealable bag provided, and washed by herself.

Please let me know how you would like to support this much needed cause.

Look forward to hearing from you.